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Four Ways SEO is Making Your Business Awesome

Perhaps, you are one of those kids who used to wonder whether it’s possible to have a watch that can also take pictures, or a camera that can fly, or a phone that can connect you to the world. Maybe, many years ago, you thought all your imaginations are just too impossible to achieve. Well, today is yesterday’s future. Technology has evolved so dramatically that it also changed the way people do things, including the way they operate their business.


With the Internet, you can find almost everything that you search for with just a click or two. The convenience and accessibility brought about by the Internet have made it extremely necessary for businesses to establish an online presence. Yet, because of the growing number of companies occupying space on the web, merely having an online presence will no longer suffice. You need to optimize it.

This is where search engine optimization becomes a vital part of your business. Have you heard of this SEO? You probably have. What you are probably curious about is why search engine optimization is so powerful and why investing in it for your business is definitely awesome. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Almost all of the customers conduct research about products and services on the internet before visiting a store.

A recent study revealed that 81% of consumers turn to the internet first to research and compare the products they plan to buy prior to making a purchase. The figure is even as high as 94% for business-to-business purchasers, another study shows. This explains why showing up on the first page of the search results is extremely important if you want shoppers who are actively browsing the internet to be able to find you. Doing SEO on your business website can help you skyrocket in your ranking.

  1. Proper search engine optimization enhances user experience.

Users, or the people who browse the internet to research and purchase, are the target audience of every website owner. With this, user experience has become an important factor when ranking a website. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing prefer to see excellent user signals, mobile responsive web design, and proper integration of pertinent pictures and videos. These components are all essential for putting together an awesome experience for your visitors. Simply put, by optimizing your business website, you are also enhancing your user experience at the same time. Needless to say, superb user experience signifies higher sales conversion, better reputation, and greater brand loyalty.


  1. SEO raises your website’s level of authority.

When internet users find your website on the first page of the search engine results, they would automatically believe that your website is credible and authoritative. Being on the top spot of the search results indicates that you are a leader in your field. In contrast, ranking on the succeeding pages may bring about undesirable presumptions. People may think that your business is just new and unpopular. They may even think that your sales cannot afford a budget to improve your search rankings.

The truth is, budget should never be an issue if you are truly looking to boost your business. SEO Explode even states, “Due to our flexibility we are able to accommodate most marketing budgets and at the same time are able to deliver a potent campaign that will take your website from no where to the top of the search results in a reasonable time frame.” 

  1. Ranking high in local search automatically brings about more shopper visits and higher sales.

Do you operate a business with a physical store? Building a website and properly optimizing it for local search is certainly vital. Nowadays, an increasing number of shoppers are already making use of local search queries to discover local shops and to know their locations, business hours and directions. In fact, as reported by Google, approximately fifty percent of shoppers who conducted a local search on their smartphones checked out the store they found on the same day. Consequently, it also resulted in higher sales. Eighteen percent of local searches generated a sale in just one day.

Do you wish to be successful in your business endeavors? Then, invest in search engine optimization and make your business awesome.

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