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Gaining Popularity and Trust in Link Building

Though link building is just one part of the overall SEO process, it is vital in earning a high page rank and driving traffic to your website. However, this is one of the hardest tasks in SEO.

Link Building
Link building leverages your website’s income-earning capacity in the long run. When you have high value links in your website, search engines will award it with a high page rank. A higher page rank means a higher value assigned to your CPM or what is charged to advertisers per 1000 impressions.

Links serve as your portal to gain entry to other websites and their networks. Linking with them is building trust and relationship. Search engines are counting these links as unit of votes for your popularity. Needless to say, backlinks to your website are essential in the structuring, personality-building (branding), and later, monetizing of your website.

With all these, you must heed all rules and guidelines provided by search engines for building links in order to attain a higher page rank and security for your business.

You can abide by the rules of major search engines if you are completely knowledgeable of their technical operations. This is where most website owners fail. Only a few of those doing business online have technical knowledge on SEO and other internet tactics and strategies.

You may push forth with the operation, but if you fail to put up with the demands of the major players in the industry, like those search engines, you will not be able to monetize your site.

To start with, here are some things you need to avoid while building links. We will concentrate with the “Don’ts” because these things are not so visible on the internet. Most writers are writing on the “Do’s” in Building Links and you can find them anywhere else.

Avoid Buying Links in Volume

Never buy links, especially in large volumes. Rich website owners usually resort to buying links and this activity is not allowed by search engines. If you are caught doing this, you will be penalized.

There are lots of marketers and software developers that will offer you large volume of links to your websites for a fee and others are even free. It sounds tempting enough, however bear in mind that whatever gain you will get from them is nothing compared to what you will be losing when you are caught.

Links offered for free or with a cost, especially in large volumes, are noticeable and can’t be hidden from search engines. Those manufacturers are also aware of this, so expect that these links are just temporary and will soon disappear as quickly as they appeared on your website. These are all spam links.

Mostly spam links have no relevance to your site, which made them even more noticeable. Spam links are not given value or rating by search engines. What’s even worse is the fact that they will also affect and devalue other legitimate links that you have.

Don’t Participate in Traffic or Link Exchange

These are from websites that offer exchanges for links. Since they operate in volumes, this is not possible and will not avoid the search engine’s monitoring facility.

Summary of Remaining Don’ts in Link Building

•Never use auto-programmed software for link building.
•Never ever allow guest blogging with off-topic or out of topic contents.
•Don’t over-optimize anchor text.
•Don’t accept irrelevant links. They could be spam.
•Don’t link with websites that have no real content.
•Don’t just link to homepages. Link directly to the page relevant to your content.
•Don’t leave comments or links in unrelated forums and communities.