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Inspection Success: Tips in Preparing your House for Sale

Familiarizing the features of your house is somehow not enough in some cases. You have to be intimately knowledgeable about them. This is one of the keys to sell a real estate property at the highest price possible successfully. They are also among the important things that can attract buyers in the first place. You can even use them as additions to your selling points. In addition, you also have to be fully aware about each corner of your house – the weak spots, crannies and nooks.

They are among the factors that can affect the value of your house and even the deal itself. If you think that your house is already fully prepared for inspection, then you must think again. The simple tips below can help you get your house for sale ready for inspection.

Observe Grading

You have to be mindful that the earth slopes can cause basement water issues if not fixed well. You can avoid these issues if you make sure that they are away from your house. Try to check around to see whether there are slopes that lean towards your house. Though you might not see proof that water is entering, it is still wise to slope them away. The areas you have to check first are those beside your foundation such as flowerbeds.

Have Some Monitors

If you put yourself on the shoes of your buyers, you can definitely say that a secured house is better. For this reason, it pays to have carbon monoxide and smoke alarms. You have to be sure that they actually work. You also need to check their expiration dates. It is good to have these monitors in each level of your house for sale in order to be sure that you can use these as selling points, and that the inspector has no reason to rate the house negatively on a highly important aspect. You can have at least one carbon monoxide detector, but you have to place it on the sleeping areas.


You can be sure that the cracks can affect the sale and the inspectors are mindful about them. Before they come, you have to look for cracks and fix them right away. If the broken screens or cracked windows cannot be fixed, then you have to replace them. Cracks on the walls are the ones that can dramatically affect the pricing and the sale itself, so you need to be serious in looking for them and making the necessary fixes. You have to be sure that the inspectors cannot see any crack in your house. Even if you think that a certain crack is not an important matter, you can still be sure that it can be seen on the report.

Remove Clogs

Run the water on each drain and sink in your house for sale. You have to check all of them to be sure that they are all working just fine. You can buy a clog remover to fix any slow drain you might find. Ask the staff in the store just so you can get the one that will work best for you. You will need the services of a plumber if you notice a very slow drain especially a totally clogged one. You can do the same for your water source if ever you notice a blockage or a slow flow.

Clear Access

Be certain that each of the critical area in your house can be accessed easily. The attic door, air conditioning units, hot water heater, furnace, electrical box and other locked spaces should have a clear access. A good back access and access under the sink to allow an easier plumbing work is also ideal for buyers. You can expect serious questions from your buyers if the inspector finds any of the important areas in your real estate property hard to access.

Hire Professionals

It is safe to say that there are some issues in your property for sale that you are not really familiar with. In cases when you do not know how to fix them or address their issues, you must find the appropriate professionals who can help you out. For example, if you need to get the bugs in your house out, trim your plants or trees or even get some electrical problems fixed. It is also wise to get the help of a real estate property manager from a reliable firm.

If you are able to find an experienced one, then you can be sure that each issue and problem in your house for sale can be addressed properly and you hold the chance of sparking the interest of your buyers and even the inspectors.

By following this guideline, you have an assurance that you will get better reports from the inspectors. Aside from that, you also hold a chance of getting an increase in value for your house for sale. Keep in mind that as simple as they might seem, they can still affect the price of your real estate property significantly. If you use this to your advantage, then you can have better chances of having favorable results in your sale.

If you are still unsure about how to go about the entire process of selling your house and receiving better inspection reports, then you can always seek the aid of professionals like us. We are one of the best in the real estate industry, so you can always count on us to help you prepare your house for sale.

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