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What Else Do Beauty Salons Have to Offer?

Have you been searching online, clicking the URL of different beauty salon websites trying to find out what they have to offer? If you are curious as to what beauty salons can offer, especially if all you know is that they offer haircuts and nail treatments, then you should read on to find out what a typical beauty salon offers its customers.

Traditionally, beauty salons, if you have seen some of the old salon’s URL and websites in the past, have offered typical hair and nail treatment services. These things have basically been the very staple service of beauty salons over the years. However, with technology advancements affecting even how people perceive and cultivate beauty, there have been many more treatments which have become available for people to avail, not just the ones that are typically already there.

• Manicures and Pedicures:

Manicures and pedicures have been around for ages, and your mom has probably told you stories of how she and her girl friends have spent hours in the salon getting their nails done. In fact, you probably do it with your friends too.

Manicures and Pedicures
With manicure treatment, the cuticles, the nails, and even the skin from the hands to the elbows are treated. The treatment begins with filing the nails to shape them. This is then followed by putting cuticle cream, which is put on the hands. The hands are then soaked in order to soften the cuticles. After this, the cuticle remover is applied, and then the cuticles are pushed back from the nail plate. Cuticle nippers help in removing excess skin. Once this is done, the forearms and hands are massaged. If you happen to have subscribed to the deluxe treatments, you will also be treated to paraffin wax which will further help nourish your hands. After all this, the nails are filed and polished with two coats of color as well as top coat.

As for a pedicure, the feet a first soaked in warm water, and then the same process as with the manicure is done with the toes. A pedicure file is then used in order to remove a hardened skin. You are also given a massage. The deluxe treatment involving the use of the paraffin wax also applies to a pedicure, as well as the application of protective and color coats on each nail.

• Facials:

There is actually more than just one type of facial. You can actually get an anti-aging, deep cleansing, hydrating, or desensitising facial. The type which you are going to go through will totally depend on the type of skin that you have. These facials all follow the same exact routine, which involves the use of active ingredients found in oils and other natural chemicals. In certain cases, special machines will also be used in order to perform the job. These can include galvanic, steam, and high frequency machines. Basically, before a procedure is done, a consultation with a specialist will be done first to check what type of procedure would be most appropriate. Then, the skin is cleansed and exfoliated, and then toning and application of treatment creams is done.

• Massage:

You do not have to go to a spa to get this done. If you have clicked at enough beauty salon URL looking at what each has to offer, you will find out that almost all of them also offer massage to their customers. Not just any massage, mind you – usually they offer a lot of special forms of massage, including Thai and Swedish massage, which also involve the use of aromatherapy and essential oils, among other things.

• Body treatments:

Body Treatment
Just like what has been mentioned before, salons have gone way past the days when they just offered hair and nail treatments. Looking through salon URL you will find that most also offer tanning services, as well as body wraps, exfoliation, dead skin cell removal, detoxification, and moisturizing. One of the more interesting treatments is body wrap, which basically involves having you wrapped up in plastic before enveloping you in a heat retaining blanket. While you are wrapped, you are given a scalp or facial massage