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Going Down Swinging

Golf seems to be a pretty domesticated kind of sport. Perhaps many individuals think that the rich people are mostly the ones playing golf. Perhaps they think that it is true because one, it doesn’t use too much energy, two, the rich ones love the scene and the freshness of a traditional golf course, and three, most of its equipment are expensive.

The thing about the equipment being expensive and all might be true. Well maybe the view and the freshness of a golf course might also be correct, though who wouldn’t be enticed with it, right? But golf not using too much energy and all?

Golf club mechanics refers to the pre-stroke—the ways in which the golfer chooses which club to use and practically anything before the actual swing—and the stroke itself, which is the actual swinging.

Golf Clubs
Each golfer has its own unique style of sending the ball, and there have been a lot of arguments as to what really constitutes a good golf swing. Scientific method has been even inculcated to the complex part of the game, resulting in various mathematical equations and scientific theories. From the stance to the energy exerted on the club that transfers to the ball which is then sent flying away, they all apparently add up to the effectiveness and success of a swing.

Musculature also plays a role in the stroke mechanics, particularly muscles on core, hamstring, shoulders and wrists. Golf makes use of the right amount of muscles on the right spots of the body, so the golfer actually has to have the strength in the right places. Technically, muscle and balance are needed in playing golf. And as it needs the two factors, golf also improves them.

So no one can upfront say that golf is a weak domesticated sport for rich spoiled people.

There are actually three to four classifications of golf clubs in existence, branching into many more types, depending on what kind of metal is used, or what kind of surface, or what kind of wood, or the material used in shaft. However, good golf clubs are nothing without proper usage of such.

Traditionally, a stroke starts with the golfer facing his non-dominant side towards the target. The club is placed in line with the target spot while the feet are apart, wider for long range shots and narrowly distanced for relatively shorter shots. The golfer then decides to choose the kind of stroke, depending on the situation.

A drive or a full swing means, well from the word itself, a full-on hit. This is typically used on a tee box, the very first shot. Wooden or long iron golf clubs are used on this.

An approach or a ¾ swing may be used in long- to medium- range shots and is often used to place the ball on the putting green.

The chip or half swing is used for short-range shots. It typically makes use of golf clubs with iron heads and high lofts. Usually this is used to land the ball on the green and roll it towards the hole.

Putt is done for short distances, especially when the ball is near the green, or within it. It aims to finally shoot the ball into the hole, and is used with the eponymous putter club. Sometime a putt is long-ranged, and such is appropriately called lag.

The correct use of the right club with the right kind of stroke often gives a golfer an effective shot. This needs analytical thinking regarding his situation on the game.

That completely proves that golf isn’t exactly for the rich immobile ones as it makes use of brains and brawl in its own way.